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This Sacred Medicine has been Harmonically co-created in the garden of life, and will attune to exactly what your mind, body or spirit may need for your highest good. Each essence captures the unique imprint and healing gifts of the Plants, Gems, Flowers, Nature Spirits, and Sacred Places from around the world. These essences can help us embrace our True Divine Nature, supporting our individual and collective awakening.

Within the Waters of the Flowers, a child is born.

The flame of innocence is sparked, and new visions are birthed. The waters of the flowers give life to the lands of our bodies. The waters of the flowers bring light to our life. The waters of the flowers clean our hearts. The waters of the flowers clean our souls. The waters of flowers give life to our visions. The waters of the flowers heal us with beauty from the Mother Earth and Heal us with the light of the Father Sun.

With the divine waters we are given new life. The divine flower waters open the petals to our healing and heal what was hurting inside. The flowers of the waters awaken our Light and teach us how to share our gifts with the world.

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Holy Heart Essences

holy heart coloring.jpg


Beautiful Wombyn 

Begin a transformational journey of self-love with the Holy Heart Essences. These Holy Heart Essences begin a transformational journey of self-love. They heal and open your heart into a play of honor, respect and love for your self and all beings. These essences heal and cleans grief, heartbreak, sadness, and restore the Divine Vibrations of Holy Love into your being, encouraging you to blossom your love and wisdom into the world. It is with great joy and deep gratitude that I share this beautiful and magical offering from the mother of the waters and the devas of the flowers.

Rebirth into Love, 11:11
The Holy Mother gives birth to Divine Love.

Holy is the Mother of Grace, the Mother of Creation, who embodies the Universal Law of Love.

These sacred  essence were birthed on the 1111 gateway,

when the Mother poured forth a rainbow of healing for the Holy Heart!!!!!

 A blessing from the Holy Mothers for the heart of all beings. ♡♡♡♡

Love to all beings, peace to all nations. AHO!

The Holy Heart
I am an Ocean of Love, flowing with the beauty that shines through me, watering the seed of love within me. I am growing to the light and blossoming, birthing life, the ecstasy of my soul. MY heart expands into the Love that I am, and awakens within me the sacred flame of the Divine, merging into wholeness in the rainbow of the Holy Heart.

I am love. I Am Free.

These are dedicated to the Holy Mothers, the 7 generations before and the 7 generations to come. To all woman, grandmother's, mother's and daughters. ♡♡♡♡

$20 a piece or $111 for the Set Including printed cards with Affirmations 

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