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I am a Ocean of Love. 

This magical Rose grows along the ocean shores of the East Coast. Her stock is strong and spiky, brilliantly green, radianting in abudance and love. Her fregrance continually blesses the ocean air and fills the great waters of life with Love. She helps to cleans, sooth and heal the emotions of the sacred heart, washing away the pains of a broken heart, and fills these spaces with pure unconditonal love. She awkens the fregrancey of love within the waters of life, and helps you to consicouslly flow with the fragance of love. She helps you see the beauty in life, will teach you to brith your dreams though the open heart. She gently infuses the waters of your body with pure love. 


I am the ocean of love, all that I create comes from the pure love inside of my heart. Love easily flows from me and to me, like the waves of the ocean. I am ever bloosming in Abudance, as open my hea