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I am Divine Love.

Helps you to embrace self-love, self-honor, self-respect and appreciation. Opens you to union of the Holy Mother,  Holy Father and Holy Child, the trinity that lives within your own heart. Allows you to fall in love with the Spirit inside yourself, and the find the true light of your soul. Releases the energetic patterns from feeling unworthy, or unlovable, and harmonizes the heart with Divine Love. Awakens you to the beauty of your own love and light, is connected to the sweet Mother Mary, opening your heart with ancient song of roses.

I am the love that I have been wishing for. I am the love that I have been seeking, I love and honor the Spirit inside of me and open my heart to shine my true light. I am love, I am Loved, I am Free.

Pink Rose ~ I am Divine Love

SKU: 54654213
  • These Essences have been made in the Harmonic Garden, with love, prayer, song, chanting, mantra, sacred sound and plant songs! They were brought forth to Heal and Awaken the Holy Heart! 

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