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I embrace my heart's path. 


This Penny awakens the high wisdom of the Crone, the Grandmother. She blesses the womb with the cosmic heartbeat and helps awaken the great mystery inside your womb. She fills your womb with life. With her wisdom she helps release what is no longer serving our Creation. She helps you to see with wisdom how to create beauty in the world. She helps us rebirth our dreams into life with grace and ease, opening our wings like a Dove. She awakens the rainbow light in the womb, helping you to birth life with beauty.


I am the ancient wisdom of the Cosmic mother who nourishes all of life. I am birthing life though the rainbow inside my womb, with grace and ease. The wisdom of my soul is awakening and filling Creation with life, love, and beauty!

Penny~ I embrace my Hearts Path.

SKU: 54666613
  • These Essences have been made in the Harmonic Garden, with love, prayer, song, chanting, mantra, sacred sound and plant songs! They were brought forth to Heal and Awaken the Holy Heart! 

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