Earth Guardianship


The earth and I we are one, we are not separate, but divinely interwoven. Together we create the harmony's of Creation. What I do to myself I do to the earth, and what I do to the earth I do to myself. I am the dreamer, Weaving light and sound into the cosmic ocean of time, creating ripples of love within the container itself. I praise the beauty of creation in all of life, and sing the birds songs of eternal light!

The earth is my body, the water my blood, the air my breathe, and fire my spirit. We are One. 

Ambarees Love 

plantry grid.jpg

The earth works in which Ambarees Love is here to assist with are called forth from the Great Councils of Light within the galactic federation of light. The missions involve awakening the Lemurian Love Fire within the Ancient Tree of Life. This mission takes place at Old Ancient Trees and Sacred sights across the planet. She is called to awaken songs and light within each tree bring forth ancient wisdom from the stars into the crystalline Grid. Her works open up the pathways for sacred wisdom, knowledge, technology to begin awakening in humanity. These mission infuses divine remembrance and Love into all kingdoms of Mother Gaia and into our human DNA. 

In Unity, Love, peace and Harmony.  

For the greatest good of All.


Ambarees moves in the abundance of Spirit and flows with the rivers of time. If you would like to support these Earth Ceremony's by sponsoring an event, or would like to support these missions by making a Donation please contact