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Choose your pricing plan

  • Lunar Illuminations

    Every month
    Monthly New/Full Moon Flower Dreaming Class
    • Access to Monthly New Moon Flower Dreaming Journey
    • Access to Monthly Full Moon Healing Plant I Ritual
  • Monthly Member: Celestial Roots Rising

    Every month
    Each Month connect with a Flower, Healing Plant, Crystal and Receive a Sound Activations
    • 1 New Moon Flower Dreaming Journey
    • 1 Full Moon Healing Plant Initiation
    • 1 Waning Moon Angelic Sound Meditation
    • 1 Waxing Moon Crystal Harmony Journey
  • Yeary Membership: Celestial Roots Rising

    Every year
    Over 1 year you will connect with 12 Flowers, 12 Plants, 12 Crystals, & 12 Sound Activations
    Valid for 2 years
    • 1 Monthly New Moon: Flower Dreaming Ceremony
    • 1 Monthly Waxing Moon: Crystal Harmony's Ceremeony
    • 1 Monthly Full Moon: Healing Plant Initiation Ritual
    • 1 Monthly Waning Moon: Celestial Sound Journey
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