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Painted Leaves 2

Music of the plants 

Painted Leaves 2

We wish to share the message of plants though divine relationship, deep listening, and feeling. Through welcoming the assistants from the voices of the plants we can restore, balance and harmonize our relationship to our soul, mother earth and the greater universe.


Creation is formed from the

Divine Harmonics of the Heart

These heart harmonics create song lines within the Earth and in the Universe.


In the Singing Garden the Plants share their unique harmony's of Divine Love through a sacred technology called Music of the Plants. These device reads the physical vibrational frequency of the plant and then translates it into musical notes. What is amazing about this co-creative technology is that the plants learn how to move their vibration and frequency to create musical harmonies. 

 Within each unique song the plants energetic language awakens, and gifts its medicine to the world. 

Each plant holds a unique voice, and they share their gift of vibrational resonance that create pathways for healing and deep wisdom to spring forth in the mind, body and spirit. In this harmonic garden, the songs of the plants will guide you into temples of your soul, where you can discover the true beauty which you are as a

multi-dimensional being. 

th (2).jpg

 Rose singing with Music of the plants  

in co-creation with Ambarees on the Monocord 


Rosemary Singing with Music of the Plants


More Videos and Songs to be added soon! 

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Medicine Songs

Medicine Music from the Sacred Garden, and songs from the Ancients.
From The light in my soul to the light in your soul.
For the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the 7 generations before and 7 generations to come. Peace, Love and Harmony.

Plant Spirit Healing with Sacred Technology

I asked the beloved Plant Spirit's if there was a way I could work in co-creation with them in order to share their medicine with the world. Though their specific guidance I was led to a sacred technology that the Plant's have taught me how to work with in order to capture their beloved unlimited Spirit. Ever changing and flowing with colors of light transforming and shape shifting according to it's environment, and all the energy around it! It is a great honor to share with you the beginning of this co-creative experiment with plant spirit healing and sacred technology. May you be blessed by the healing energies of the plants and their sweet songs and messages. 

Love Peace Harmony

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