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I am the Love that I seek. 


Rosa opens the waves of the heart and reconnects your heartbeat to mother earths heart and to the Cosmic Heart. Rosa acts a conduit and activates the connection with the Divine Mothers. Rosa heals emotional wounds from the past of violence, shaming, or any emotional abuse. Rosa will awaken the Holy essences of Joy inside your heart and will remind you of the sacredness of your own being, and help you remember the gifts of your soul. She will teach you about sacred play and light heartedness and will align you to the frequency of love. This essence repairs holes in the aura, the emotional body, instilling inner peace and self-forgiveness. Allowing one to blossom!


I release all past emotional wounds and embrace the Joy of my wholeness. I embrace and take action upon the wisdom of my heart. I am a Mother of Creation, I am sacred. I see with the eyes of innocence and play in lightheartedness.

I am the love that I seek.

I am Love blossoming!

~ Rosa ~


Rosa~ I am the Love I seek.

SKU: 54654212
  • These Essences have been made in the Harmonic Garden, with love, prayer, song, chanting, mantra, sacred sound and plant songs! They were brought forth to Heal and Awaken the Holy Heart! 

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