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  Sacred Service

Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2

I gift my life in service to the greatest good of all relations.

May each being who enters the gates of the Harmonic Garden receive the guidance and healing which they are seeking. May each being who enters be blessed by the Spirits that reside within. May each being be guided and assisted  in accordance with their highest good. May the garden provided a safe and sacred space for each being to deepen their connection to the Tree of Life and remember their True Divine Nature. May each being be filled with Love, Light and Joy and be gifted the wisdom of their soul so they may blossom their Divine Self into the world. 


Man the seed of God - If we ask ourselves what is the definition of the seed, we find that the seed is not only the beginning of the plant, but the seed is the end of the plant's destiny too, because the plant is meant to bring out the seed. 

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