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Light Language 


 When spoken though the gateway of the heart, Light Language comes through the voice and brings this sacred energy into form. Light Language has the power to re-code our very nature and to restore our divine blueprint. As it comes directly from the Heart of Creation it brings with its transmission wave like key-codes of geometries and vibrational frequencies in sound, light and color. These sacred languages are alive, they are palpable to the senses and the higher self, therefore they spark a great soul remembrance.  Light Language is an ancient Universal way of communication and can be transmitted for healing and awakening.  Light language attunes us to the Language of Source, unlocks hidden and latent blueprints for higher light functions, awareness, consciousness and ancient memories of our divine nature and heritage. These key-codes in the sacred language vibrate at the purest resonance of Creation and provide a dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body, thus opening the light pathways in our Atoms and Molecules, which enables us access sacred wisdom, records and knowledge of our Universal lineage held in our DNA. Light Language brings the higher frequencies of Love from the 5th dimension and beyond. Through the use of light, color, sound and sacred geometry Healing happens on multi-dimensional levels all at once. Light language brings harmony into the light body - Merkaba, energetic structures, aura and chakras, can encoded in your DNA, heal emotional traumas and wounds, help the physical body, and activate a great Soul Remembrance.

Yanawahali is attuned to the harmony's that flow though the Heart of Creation and is a voice and channel for these sacred languages to come though. This is her primary gift, as such a sessions with her is encoded with sacred language, light, color and geometry to bring healing and remembrance into your soul.

She travels upon the song lines of Earth and within the Universe and awakens and reattunes the divine harmonic resonance within you. She has the gift of seeing the codes of light inside your Soul and in turn though sacred sound, light, color and vibration activates the codes within you. She also have the gift of speaking ancient Universal languages, and is thus able to communicate with other beings upon earth and in the cosmos with these waves of light.

A light language session is very healing, can include powerful, life changing soul messages and will also assist you on the path of remembrance and awakening to the higher dimensions of consciousness within you.

In Light Language Transmissions, you may Journey to the Worlds of Light and connect with your Soul Family, your soul song and remember why you are hear. 

Light Language is a Divine Language of Creation that comes directly from the heart of Source. It is truly only accessible through the gateway of the heart and  therefore carries the holy essences of creation in the form of light, sound, vibration and geometric. 

Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2
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