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Ancient Tree Ceremonies

Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2

Tree Tree Beings are the wise and ancient Grandmother and Grandfather Spirits of Mother Earth.

Their vibration, wisdom and medicine hold the ecosystem together and allow us as humans to live on Planet Earth. Tree Ceremonies bring us into a sacred relationship with the Tree Spirits and help to reconnect us with the web of life.

The Trees are very willing and eager to assist us in our healing and awakening at this time. 

 Do you hear or feel the Spirit of the Forest Calling you? Do you wish to explore the healing properties of Trees and want to connect deeper to the plant kingdom? 

If so, then these tree ceremonies are a beautiful place to start your exploration. 

In the Ancient Tree Ceremonies we explore tree communication, the magical and medicinal properties of the trees, and learn how to deeply connect with them through using ancient Tao breathing techniques.

We then learn about the importance of honoring trees through sacred song weaving and explore the importance of offerings that sustain the harmony within the web of life.

After a relationship has been established with the Tree we journey to the other worlds to meet the Spirit of the trees. Through the sounds of drums, crystal bowls and ancient songs, we are carried upon celestial sound waves that open doorways into the mystical world of the trees.

In these journey's and communion with the trees we receive healing medicines, wisdom, guidance and  messages that assist our life and evolution. Working with tress through Sacred Ceremony is life changing and is a beautiful way to heal, grow and connect with Nature. They help us to find balance and harmony in our inner and outer worlds. 

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