Spirit Journey's

  We enter into Sacred communion with Plants though enjoying multiple forms of Plant Spirit Medicine.

We will Sip on Holy Teas, drink from the nectars of Tinctures and  Essences and enjoy the cleansing powers of Sacred Smoke. Through this co-engagement with the Plants we then cross the rainbow bridge into the Plant Spirit Worlds and journey to receive healing, guidance, and wisdom. You will be guided into the Temple of your soul by the heartbeat of Mother Earth and harmony's from the Sacred Garden to

 receive healing, guidance, and teachings

from the Plants.

Open your Heart and Come Play!

Why Journey with the Plants? 

Plant's are wise, ancient and intelligent beings that have so many gifts to share with humanity. Through Plant Spirit Journey's you have the opportunity to come into deep communion with a specific Plant in a Sacred way. Engaging all of your senses to experience the plant's wisdom within your own being. This opens the direct connection to the Spirit of the Plant and the Divine, who can then share it's healing and wisdom with you. The plants will teach your Body, Mind and Spirit how to live in harmony and what changes you need to make in your life in order to attune to Divine resonance with all of Life. We journey with the plants to find guidance about our life and inquire from a place that is beyond time and space in order to see life from a different prospective. We journey to receive healing and to come into deeper connection with our True Nature.   

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