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Awakening The Divine Union Templates: Ohi'a Tree

Welcome, beloved guardians of the Earth, to the April 2024 Awakening the Dragon Trees: Planetary Tree Grid with the sacred Ohi'a Tree as our guide. We gather under the canopy of branches in the ancient Forest of Hawaii, honoring the interconnected web of life that binds us all together.

In this sacred ceremony, we awaken the dormant energies of the Dragon Eggs of the Ohi’a Tree witin the Planetary Tree Grid System on the Erath, connecting with the ancient forces of the Earth and the cosmos. Through our collective intentions and harmonious vibrations, we will activate the energetic pathways that crisscross the planet, uniting us in a shared vision of love, peace, healing, and harmony.

The Ancient Ohia Tree is a sacred symbol of love and transformation, born from Pele's volcanic womb. Legend says it awakens a balance of masculine and feminine energies, guiding us to harmonize our divine selves. The tree's wisdom whispers through its leaves, calling us to release the past and embrace the present. As it thrives in harsh volcanic conditions, the Ohia Tree inspires us to emerge stronger from life's challenges. Its energy can fill us with peace, love, and harmony, within ourselves and within our partnerships. Reminding us of our inner strength and potential. By connecting with the Ohia Tree's sacred essence, we can awaken the divine masculine/femine energies within and discover how to live in more harmony and balance within our partnerships.

In the ancient Hawiian legends, the Ohia Tree represents the Divine Lovers. There is a tale of two lovers whose love was as deep and pure as the roots of the forest. Ohia and Lehua were their names, bound together by a love that transcended time and space. Their bond was a reflection of the divine union within partnership, shining with passion, dedication, and oneness.

However, their love caught the eye of the fiery Goddess Pele, whose heart was consumed by jealousy and desire. Enraptured by Ohia's strength and Lehua's beauty, Pele sought to claim Ohia for herself. In a fit of rage and jealousy, Pele cast a powerful spell upon Ohia, transforming him into the twisted form of the Ohia Tree, forever separating him from his beloved Lehua.

As Ohia stood transformed, his gnarled branches reaching towards the heavens in anguish, Lehua's heart shattered into a million pieces. Her tears fell like rain, flooding the land with her sorrow and despair. Witnessing the deep love between the two, the gods were moved to intervene. In an act of compassion and mercy, they transformed Lehua into a radiant red flower, adorning the branches of the Ohia Tree as a symbol of eternal love and devotion.

And so, the Ohia Tree and the Lehua flower became forever intertwined, a testament to the power of love that transcends even the darkest of sorrows. The twisted form of the Ohia Tree stands as a reminder of sacrifice and transformation, while the vibrant red Lehua flower represents the beauty and resilience that blooms from the depths of despair.

Now a days, The plight of the Ohia tree is facing a dire threat from a parasitic beetle and fungus in the lush forests of Hawaii. Just as the Ohia tree symbolizes the intertwining of two souls in a harmonious dance of love and devotion, so too do our relationships mirror this intricate connection. The rapid decline of these ancient trees urges us to pause and reflect on how we are tending to the gardens of our own love partnerships. Are we nurturing these bonds with care and respect, honoring the deep roots of love that anchor us to one another? Or are we allowing destructive forces to erode the foundation of our relationships, leaving behind a landscape of desolation and loss? Let devastation of the Ohia tree inspire us to cultivate the seeds of love within our partnerships, to cherish and protect the tender shoots of connection that bind us together in unity and strength. May we heed the call to tend to the gardens of our hearts with tenderness and devotion, ensuring that the flame of divine love within our unions continues to burn bright and steadfast, like the eternal flame of the Ohia tree in the heart of the forest.

Here is Ohi'a Message:

When two souls come together as true lovers, a profound alchemical transformation takes place. Like seeds planted in the fertile soil of their shared experiences, they grow and evolve, transcending the limitations of their individual pasts. From the compost of their ashes emerges a beautiful divine union a symbol of devotion, dedication, and union within self and other.

The Ohia Tree, with its twisted branches and delicate flowers, serves as a poignant metaphor for the disconnection and loss of Aloha within the masculine and feminine energies. In a world where the sacred balance between these energies has been disrupted, the Ohia Tree stands as a reminder of the need to cultivate harmony and unity within ourselves and our relationships.

As we reflect on the symbolism of the Ohia Tree, we are called to examine the ways in which we have become disconnected from our true essence and from each other. The masculine energy, with its qualities of strength and action, may have become hardened and unyielding, while the feminine energy, with its nurturing and intuitive nature, may have been suppressed or diminished.

To heal the disconnection and loss of Aloha within the masculine and feminine, we must first turn inward and confront the shadows that lie within us. By acknowledging and integrating these aspects of ourselves, we can begin to heal the wounds of the past and cultivate a deeper sense of unity and wholeness.

True lovers who aspire to become one with each other must be willing to embrace the transformative power of the Ohia Tree within themselves. By allowing their roots to intertwine and their branches to reach towards the sky, they can create a sacred union that is grounded in love, respect, and mutual growth.

As the blossoming Ohia Tree whispers its wisdom to us, may we heed its call to reconnect with the essence of Aloha within ourselves and in our relationships. Let us nurture the sacred balance between the masculine and feminine energies, allowing them to dance in harmony and unity, like the branches of the Ohia Tree swaying in the gentle breeze of love and compassion.

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With Peace, Love and Harmony from my Ancinet Tree to yours,

Amba Aliana'Hi

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