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Whispers of the Menehune (little people) and Wisdom of the Koa Tree

Here's a mesmerizing story about the Koa and the Munuhunu's teachings we received during June's Awakening the Dragon Tree Ceremony. (The Munuhunu are the little

people of Hawaii, and have specifically told me to call them Munuhunu not Menehune.

Take a deep breath in and settle into the earth, grounding yourself down like an Ancient Tree.

And now let the story begin.

As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of lavender and rose, I found myself wandering through an ancient Lumerian forest. The air was thick with magic, and the towering Koa trees seemed to whisper secrets with every rustle of their leaves. Suddenly, a tiny giggle caught my attention. I turned to see a small, shimmering figure peeking out from behind a fern - a Munuhunu, one of Hawaii's legendary little people, and the original people of LuMUria! My heart raced with excitement as the small loving being beckoned me closer. "Aloha, Amba," the Munuhunu said, its voice like tinkling bells. "The Koa and I have been waiting for you. Listen closely, for their wisdom is profound."

As if on cue, the mighty Koa trees began to sway, their ancient voices carried on the evening breeze. I felt a gentle yet powerful energy wash over me as golden warm light. As I connected deeper with Koa's Spirit, they spoke of to me of standing energetically firmly in one's truth, of being flexible yet strong in the face of life's storms. The Koa shared how they offer shelter to countless creatures, reminding us of the importance of supporting others on their journey. The Munuhunu nodded sagely, adding, "But there's more, dear one. The greatest temple of all is not built of wood or stone, but of flesh and spirit. "The little being's eyes twinkled as it continued, "Your body is the sacred temple of your soul. The sands that formed you are holy, each grain a star in the cosmos of your being. Treat them with reverence, and love and they will become strong, sturdy, fearless and will stand the test of time. "I listened, awestruck, as the Munuhunu spoke of the waters within us - our blood, our tears - as sacred rivers flowing with divine energy. “Sing your songs into the rivers of your blood and allow your being to flow playfully through life, you are holy and divine. Then I was shown the sacred fire within, the spark of my soul. “Tend the inner flame of your passion and purpose as if tending to the spark of divinity in all souls, you are the light, you flame is the love of your soul. Then a gentle breeze whispered through my hair, "Speak with the wind," the Munuhunu whispered, "Let your words be enchantments that give you wings to soar. Move through the world as if every step is a dance with the divine - because it is!"

As night fell and stars began to twinkle overhead, the forest came alive with a soft, pulsing glow. The Munuhunu smiled, "Do you hear it? The buzz of being, the hum of existence? That's the song of your own divinity. Embrace it, for you are a living, breathing miracle. "With a final wink, the Munuhunu vanished into the shadows, leaving me transformed. The Koa trees stood silent once more, but I could feel their strength flowing through me. As I made my way back to the world beyond the Lumerain forest, I carried with me a profound truth: We are all divine beings, and our bodies are the sacred temples of our spirits. In honoring them, we honor the magic of life itself. And so, dear heart, I pass this wisdom to you. May you treat your body as the holy ground it is, and may you always hear the divine song humming within your very being. Aloha!

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