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The Story of Yew Tree and its magical brew

In a forgotten corner of the world, nestled deep within an enchanted forest, stood an ancient Yew tree. Its gnarled branches reached toward the heavens, intertwining with the celestial beings that danced in the night sky. Legends whispered of its power and the key it held to the mystical world tree, the tree of life.

For centuries, the Yew tree had remained secluded, guarded by a weathered dragon who had witnessed the passing of countless ages. This dragon, Karathak, possessed great wisdom and an age-old secret that he longed to entrust to the pure hearted.

One fateful night, a young girl named Elara ventured into the forest, her heart filled with an insatiable curiosity. Unbeknownst to her, she was destined to play a pivotal role in the fate of the ancient Yew tree and the three worlds it governed.

Drawn by an invisible force, Elara found herself standing before the Yew tree, its incredible powerful presence causing her breath to stop. Suddenly, the dragon Karathak materialized before her, his scales shimmering with wisdom garnered over centuries.

"Young one," Karathak's voice rumbled like distant thunder. "You have been chosen to unlock the mysteries of the Yew tree. Step forward, and embrace your destiny."

With a deep brethe, Elara took a hesitant step toward the great dragon. He was a very sweet dragon and was so excited to connent with a human again. For it had been almost 1000 years since a human had come to visit him.

Elara greeted Karathak in the old way, brow to brow and with deep love flowing from her heart. In that moment, the air crackled with ancient magic, and the girl was transported to a realm beneath the earth. The lands of Edon, and the temple of the world Tree. Elara remembered this feeling of harmony and was excited to explore the Yew Trees temple. Karathak guided her down a passage of still darkness through the roots of the tree. Within the tangle of Yew tree roots she began to hear the voices of long-departed ancestors. As she listened to the songs a memeory of a civilization where nature and humans were Intimately connected begin to awake inside her. Elara became filled with such excitement as

the Ancestors memories flowed through her, granting her the gift of ancient superpowers. She could feel the strength of her lineage coursing through her veins as she came to understand the wisdom of those who had come before. The ancestors wisdom warmed her heart like a golden light and she felt a newfound confidence. With this golden light Elara left the root world, ready to face her next trial.

The second world was the middle world, a place where time stood still in the present moment. As Elara emerged from the Yew tree's roots, she was welcomed by the wise and enigmatic figure of Odin. His long white beard cascaded down to his chest, and his piercing blue eyes held centuries of knowledge.

"Welcome, young one," Odin's voice echoed with a weighty solemnity. "To proceed, you must drink from the chalice of the Yew tree, the elixir of death."

Though apprehensive, Elara trusted in the purpose of her journey and accepted the chalice. She had heard about the secrets of transedning death and felt grateful to be given the opportunity to drink of its wisdom. As the ancient brew touched her lips, her surroundings faded away, replaced by a flood of images. Each vision unveiled her deepest fears and shadows, forcing her to confront the darkest corners of her soul. She saw her fear and

feelings of not being smart enough and her fear of not being able to save all the people and the world, and her fear of not being able to fullfill her promises and agreements. She saw her fear of being judged and rejected by her family and friends for being herself.

But as the poison of the yew elixir coursed through her, Elara discovered a transformative power within her. The elixir's potent magic melted away her shadows, and she dissolved into a brilliant starlight that transcended time and space. In that ethereal state, she floated to the upper world of the yew tree, where branches of straight reached clear across the universe. Each brance of the Ancient Tree was connected to a star world. In this beauty she felt one with everything and was greated by a group of Ancient Star Elders who sang her songs of love. As the wise star elders sang She started to remembered her eternal essence and the undeniable truth that she could never truly die. The whispers of love filled her heart , Elara my dearest grand-daughter, you are an infinite eternal being, it is not your responsibility to save the whole world in just one life time, your greatest gift is your song and love. As long as you keep singing and sharing love to all the Kingdoms Of earth you will have fulfilled your agreements. You are perfect just the way you are and you are loved deeply by all the stars and earth. You have all the wisdom you need inside your heart and just being you is enough.

With this realization, Elara began to sing and as her hearts love vibrated through her voice a golden strand of light flowed out of her hand. She continued to sing, Drawing the songs from the deepest reaches of the universe. From each star in the sky a song and melody came and as Elara sang more and more golden thread spooled out of her hands. What am I do to with all this beautiful Golden thread asked Elara? And from the whisper of the Ancients she heard, pull down this golden thread from the high branches of the Ancient tree and weave it across the planet earth from tree to tree. Weave this golden thread and your Starlight melodies from heart to heart, and from place to place and sing a Beautiful melody of each individuals space. Weave this golden thread from the darkness of eternity into the heart of all things. So Elara did just this and in so much joy she gathered others to sing and dance and weave this golden thread through all the trees with her. Over time the radiant golden thread encircled the planet, and it's ancient melody and wisdom of eternity filled each and every space and the people in these lands were happy, healthy and filled with joyfull songs and love.

As the story of Elara's journey spread, the world awakened to melody and song and a renewed sense of hope.

The Yew tree stood tall, its branches glowing with a vibrant energy, and the three worlds flourished. Together with Karathak, Elara and her friends became the guardian of the Ancient Yew tree, protecting its ancient knowledge for generations to come.

And so, the young girl's extraordinary adventure seeped into the tapestry of legends, forever reminding those who heard it of the boundless power that lies within and the duty to safeguard the wisdom of eternity. The simple power of singing and loving everyone reminded as the greatest gift of life on earth forever.

With songs of love and golden thread, I share this story with thee. I hope you too will come sing and dance with wi around the Ancient Tree.


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