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The Solstice Rose Poem

Updated: 4 days ago

In the golden hour of longest light,

When sun and earth embrace so tight,

We call upon the rose so fair,

To bless us with its essence rare.

Petals of crimson, pink, and white,

Unfurl your wisdom, soft and bright.

From bud to bloom, you show the way,

Of transformation, night to day.

Your thorns protect, your scent enthralls,

A sacred balance nature calls.

In you, we see life's ebb and flow,

The courage to open, learn, and grow.

Oh rose of summer, strong and sweet,

With roots that reach where earth-spirits meet,

Anoint us with your dew-kissed grace,

As solstice light floods time and space.

May we, like you, stand tall and true,

Embracing life in all we do.

From this day forth, may we unfold,

Our inner beauty, brave and bold.

By petal, stem, and verdant leaf,

We're blessed with joy, release belief,

That limits our celestial dance,

As solstice rose renews our chance.

In awe, we thank you, blossom divine,

For this blessing, yours and mine.

On this solstice day so bright,

We're transformed by your sacred light.

Rose Blessings for all of wi on this Blessed Solstice Eve.

Loving you,

Amba AlianaHi

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