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Rainbow Eucalyptus

This is a true story about a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree in Maui that called a group of kindred Starlight souls to her Temple.

In the heart of the Earth, where the Lumurian Temples bathed in ethereal glow, an Ancient Eucalyptus Tree stood tall, its vibrant kaleidoscope of colors emanating unmatched beauty. Little did anyone know, this magnificent tree harbored a secret within its ancient trunk.

For centuries, the Rainbow Tree Spirit had silently observed the lands above, witnessing the tribulations that plagued both the earthly realm and the souls that inhabited it. Determined to bring restoration and hope, the spirit yearned to connect with those humans who held the light within their hearts.

Meanwhile, a group of extraordinary children roamed the world, their radiant energy glistening like golden rays of the sun. Known as the Rainbow Children of the Sun, they were born with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and possessed powers beyond imagination.

Unbeknownst to the Rainbow Children, their destinies were intertwined with the Ancient Rainbow Tree's spirit. One by one, through cosmic whispers and synchronicities, the Rainbow Tree Spirit called upon these special lightworkers. Guided by an invisible force, the children set forth on a journey, following the gentle hum resonating from within the Earth.

As the group of lightworkers gathered around the magnificent Eucalyptus Tree, its bark shimmered with mystical hues, alive with ancient wisdom. The Rainbow Tree Spirit spoke to them in whispered melodies, telling tales of forgotten magic and divine purpose.

"Children of the Sun, come gather around me, I call you to awaken my Rainbow Temple of Light," the spirit murmured, its voice vibrating through the very core of their beings. "Together, we shall purify the three worlds and restore balance and harmony to our sacred home."

With fervent determination, the lightworkers joined hands and focused their energy on the tree, their hearts a symphony of love and light. In unison, they channeled their inner divine essences, invoking the powers of the rainbow and sounding the sacred tones,


The first essence awakened was the passionate red, representing abundance and connection. Its energy surged through their beings, weaving a tapestry of prosperity and unity throughout the lands. They chanted the sacred sound KA, and the ruby red light flowed through their nervous system and into the tree.

Next came the playful orange, symbolizing original innocence, joy, and freedom. It danced in the lightworkers' souls, releasing the heaviness that had burdened them, and kindling a childlike exuberance within. They chanted RA, and joyful orange energy danced through their whole body.

The golden yellow essence followed, its luminous glow radiating light, wisdom, and power. As it embraced their spirits, doubts were dispelled, and the path to enlightenment became clear. They chanted YA, and started to radiate like the sun.

Emerald green, the color of divine love, compassion, understanding, and beauty, moved gracefully through their hearts. It nurtured love in all its forms, mending broken bonds and inspiring acts of kindness. They sounded SA, and emerlad green love flowed like an eternal river through their hearts.

Then, the serene blue essence emerged, representing sacred song, sound, expression, and communication. It gifted them with a voice that resonated with truth, fostering harmony and understanding among all living beings. They toned TA, and the melodies of their spirits awoke.

The mystical violet purple essence, heralding clarity, divine and holy mind, and thoughts, shimmered with a divine light. It cleared the fog of confusion, unveiling the brilliance of higher consciousness. They chanted AH, and they eyes began to see the new Earth awakening.

Lastly, the pure white essence, radiant with bliss and enlightenment, cascaded through the temple of the Eucalyptus Tree. They sounded LA, as the white light enveloped the Earth and its people, illuminating their souls with a transcendent peace and spiritual awakening.

As the lightworkers united their essences, and magnificent sacred sound vibrations KA RA YA SA TA AH LA, a rainbow bridge materialized before them, spanning the vast expanse between Heaven and Earth. It was a portal of transcendence, a conduit of love and divine energy and reconnected all 3 worlds into the Divine Krystalline Orgainc Matrices.

The Rainbow Tree Spirit rejoiced, its trunk pulsating with newfound vitality. The healing light of the rainbow flowed through the earth, mending the scars that marred the Earth's light body and soothing the hearts of its people. Life reawakened, vibrant and renewed.

In celebration the lightworkers formed a bond with eachother and The Ancient Eucalyptus Tree whispered gratitude as its leaves danced in a jubilant display. Their legacy molded the world into a place of boundless magic and everlasting harmony, reminding all who shall tread upon this Earth of the seven essence of the Rainbow light that brings heaven to earth.

It is done and it is so.

With Love and Gratidue to my Kindred Starlight Family.


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