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Message from the Chengel Tree: Embracing Divine Power

Wisdom from the Chengel Tree in our Awakening the Dragon Tree

Divine power is a force of boundless strength and resilience, an essence so pure and potent that nothing can prevail against it. It is the very power of God that resides within each being, a sacred spark that illuminates our path and guides us on our journey of awakening and transformation. When we harness and honor this divine power, we align with the highest truth of our existence and embody the limitless potential that is our birthright.

However, the misuse of power on Earth has been a pervasive and destructive force that has led to profound consequences for both humanity and the planet. When power is wielded from a place of ego, greed, and separation, it creates a rift in the fabric of reality, causing discord, imbalance, and suffering on a global scale. The misuse of power has fueled wars, exploitation, and environmental degradation, leading to a world in turmoil and a planet in peril.

The misuse of power has sown seeds of separation among individuals and communities, creating barriers and divisions that hinder our ability to connect and collaborate in harmony. When power is used to dominate and control others, it breeds fear, mistrust, and resentment, perpetuating cycles of conflict and disempowerment. The illusion of power as a tool for personal gain and superiority has fueled a culture of competition and scarcity, where the needs of the few outweigh the well-being of the many.

Moreover, the misuse of power has led to exhaustion and depletion of vital resources, both natural and human. When power is exploited for short-term gains and instant gratification, it depletes the Earth's precious ecosystems, pollutes the air and water, and threatens the delicate balance of life on our planet. The relentless pursuit of power at all costs has led to a state of environmental crisis, where the very survival of future generations hangs in the balance.

It is time for us to awaken to the consequences of the misuse of power and reclaim our true divine power that is rooted in love, compassion, and unity. By recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and the sacredness of all life, we can transcend the illusions of separation and scarcity and co-create a world of abundance, harmony, and peace. When we align with the power of God within us, we become vessels of light and love, radiating healing and transformation wherever we go.

As lightworkers and starseeds, we are called to embody the essence of divine power and channel it through our thoughts, energy, and actions for the highest good of all. We are entrusted with a sacred mission to bless all of life and co-create a world of harmony, love, and abundance. Divine power operates from a place of pure intention and alignment with the universal will, creating only for the highest good of all beings. When we allow this divine power to flow through us in our daily lives, we become catalysts for transformation and healing on a global scale.

When we consciously direct our thoughts and energy towards the highest good of all, we become powerful agents of change and upliftment. Our words, intentions, and actions carry the vibration of divine love and wisdom, radiating outwards to touch the hearts and minds of all beings. By blessing all of life and honoring the sacredness of every living being, we contribute to the harmonization and unity of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Divine power operates beyond the limitations of the ego and the illusions of separation, transcending barriers and divisions to create a tapestry of oneness and interconnectedness. When we align with the divine will and surrender to the flow of life, we become conduits for miracles and blessings to manifest in our reality. As we allow the divine power to flow through us, we become vessels of light and love, illuminating the path for others to follow and inspiring transformation at every turn.

As we walk the path of lightworkers and starseeds, let us remember our true nature as divine beings of light and love. Let us embrace our role as ambassadors of peace and unity, using our gifts and talents to uplift and empower those around us. By embodying divine power in our thoughts, energy, and actions, we become living embodiments of the highest truth of our existence and co-creators of a new Earth filled with love, joy, and abundance.

May we continue to shine our light brightly and bless all of life with our presence. May we remember that divine power only creates for the highest good of all and that we are here to serve as vessels of transformation and healing. Together, let us anchor the frequencies of love and unity on Earth, creating a world where all beings can thrive and flourish in harmony and peace.

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