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Galatic Guardians

The Guardians have arrived in the right time, to set the Harmonic right and gift a new Galatic Light. They arrived in dream time upon Mountian Top and heard the songs I sang. They came flying down to me in my protected light body and gifted their wisdom and energy.

The time is now they say to align with Galatic "time" and open up to the flow of the Universe to carry wi forever forward to your Destiny. Align Align with the Divine and trust the flow of change, for all is shifting. What timeline shall you choose, all possibilities are here you see, to dream a new dream and birth a new reality.

So follow your souls passion, and don't be bound by the old holographic imprinting, which is still playing out around thee. Open up to your Galatic Wisdom and family of Lovelight who are here guiding you. Roar with your passion and with your Royal Grace, proclaim your sacred Divinity of God Sovereignty and Place in this infinite Creation. Open up your heart so wide, and let go of your pride, love everyone and everything and let the blessings of love flow back to thee. Create your reality Consiciousnessly.

You are a being of Beautiful Starlight, so share your brilliance, your songs annd melodies that bless all life.

ROAR for the children and set all people free, simply by seeing them through the eyes of Love and Purity.

Take a Stand Starchild, Earthly born of crystals and stones, moss covered in Ancient bones.

A memory so very deep lives inside of thee, inside your bones of living in oneness with everything.

Starlight child with waters so pure, awake the Ancient memory of how it feels to flow and grow and express your authentic Ness.

Awake awake, arise arise now is not the time to hide. Awake awake, arise arise and Shine your SOULS light. Take flight with your wings and trust the sky that will lead you to the arising Sun of the New Dawn.

Blessed be Family from the Lyran-Sirian Feline Guardians.

And blessed Lammas and alignment with Sirius Stargate.


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