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Dragon Year of Reharmonization

In this wondrous Dragon Year, as the cosmic laws of love awaken within Mother Gaia's foundational energy, something extraordinary is set to unfold. Deep within the ancient trees, where the wisdom of ages resides, a remarkable event is about to occur. Many new dragon eggs, brimming with potent energy, are ready to hatch and assist humanity's DNA and original soul divine essence in awakening and becoming embodied in the physical world.

The dragon eggs are the original blueprints of humanity's and the Earth's Divine essence, the primal first creation energy of God Consciousness. They hold within them the encoded wisdom and potential for transformation that is inherent in our collective consciousness. Just as a blueprint serves as a guide for construction, these dragon eggs represent the foundational design of our truest selves and the Earth's harmonious existence.

Within the dragon eggs lies the essence of love, magic, and ancient wisdom. They contain the codes that unlock our dormant abilities, activate our DNA, and reawaken our original soul's divine blueprint. These blueprints hold the keys to our highest potential, guiding us towards a state of unity, peace, and enlightenment.

The dragon eggs are a testament to the interconnectedness of all beings. They carry the sacred knowledge of the Earth's original design, reminding us of our inherent connection to the natural world. As these eggs hatch and the dragons within them emerge, they bring forth a remembrance of our true nature and purpose. They guide us towards living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

These dragon eggs, formed from the purest essence of magic and love, pulsate with a vibrant energy that can be felt by those who are attuned to the subtle rhythms of the natural world. As the Dragon Year progresses, the eggs within the Ancient Trees begin to stir, responding to the cosmic energies that permeate the earth.

Within each egg lies the potential for profound transformation. They hold the keys to unlocking dormant aspects of humanity's DNA, activating latent abilities, and igniting the spark of the original soul's divine essence.

So, what does this mean? Well, get ready to embrace rapid transformations as the dragon eggs and the original light of the earth awaken. The energy of this Dragon Year will shift the fundamental foundations of our perceived collective reality back to its original essence. In this process, we, as Divine Beings of Light, will be called to make significant shifts in the foundations of our lives, aligning ourselves more closely with our higher purpose for being on this earth. Exciting times ahead! We are being called to fully embody our God Presence and step into our leadership roles as stewards of this sacred Earth. Open your heart and prepare for an incredible journey ahead! It's time to restore harmony and balance, not only to the ecosystem but also within your relationships and personal life.

As the dragon eggs hatch and the energy of the earth's original light amplifies, you may find yourself undergoing profound shifts. Old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good will be brought to the surface for release. Embrace these transformations with open arms, for they are the catalysts that will propel you towards your purpose.

Dear ones, as Illuminare's and guardians of the Earth, let us remember that it all begins within our own world and reality. During these profound times be sure to Nurture your own well-being, for it is from a place of inner harmony that you can make the greatest impact. Take time to listen to your intuition and honor your authentic self. Embrace self-care practices that nourish your body, mind, and spirit, for in doing so, you become a beacon of light and inspiration for others.

As we collectively embark on this journey of restoration within our DNA and the Earth's grids and systems, our consciousness will naturally expand beyond our wildest imaginations. Though these changes may sometimes seem challenging, it's important to remember that you are not alone. The Guardians of the Universe are here, providing strong assistance to humanity during this planetary shift and supporting us every step of the way. Currently, a massive disclosure event is taking place that will open our inner cosmic eyes and hearts, helping us understand more clearly that we are living on an extremely intelligent Mother Planet, which is home to many cosmic beings from all over the Universe. These monumental, universal comic understandings will shift the patterns and structures of the belief systems that have held humanity in a prison for 1000s of year and will dissolve false religion and governmental systems. In this year of the Dragon, a cosmic restoration of planetary law is taking place, and the original dream of the Earth as a Mother Planet is being re-stabilized. This is a cosmic, universal mission and a divine intervention by Mother Gaia, aimed at protecting the original divinity of the Earth. During this transformative period, it is crucial to maintain a deep connection with nature. Nature's intelligence will support your own consciousness in processing and embracing these changes from within. It is also advisable to explore your soul's purpose and find strength in the collective consciousness that is awakening. Remember, we are all interconnected, and this is a significant event of mass awakening.

In your relationships, both personal and collective, strive for open-hearted communication and compassion. Embrace the power of unity and collaboration, for it is through cooperation that true transformation takes place. Together, you can create a ripple effect that spreads love, understanding, and harmony throughout the world.

Indeed, much is shifting now to set the foundations for a new era of love and enlightenment. Embrace the rapid transformations that lie ahead, for they are paving the way for a brighter future. Step into your guardianship, dear souls, and let your light shine.

With love and joy, we journey together into this Dragon Year of transformation and renewal. May your every step be guided by the wisdom of Love, and may you embrace the profound shifts that are unfolding within and around you.

If you would like to be a part of the awakening of the Dragon Trees Planetary Grid Ceremony's or wish to connect with the intelligence of nature through and embodied ascension join me at The Harmonic Garden, an Earth Guaridan Mystery School where I assit starseeds and lightworkers embrace their hearts light through the wisdom and intelligence of nature.

Sending you dragon purrr and celebrating this divine journey of embodied Galatic Intelligence.


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I can see and experience this mass awakening in the people who come to our Herb & Supplement store. It is happening and it is empowering!

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