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Dimond Blueprint

When you expand out into the Infinite Divine Source many windows of perception open. When you let go of limiting beliefs and dogmatic structures of reality your understanding of the world expands and transforms. When you open your heart to compassion, love, frogiveness and non-judgement your ability to feel the true source that is flowing through all life, spirit and matter becomes very heightened. May the doors of preception be opened by our loving hearts and my the heart of all beings be washed in this true illuminating love. May we remember that all life is sacred, that we are intimately apart of it all. May remember that we are the Earthen and too we are the Star Lighted ones, may we remember our true Divine Sovereignty and God Source Power and embody our Hearts Wisdom into this world.

We are not just these human traumas, pains and sufferings, we are not just these human stories and programs. We were seeded by Ancient Starlight Dimonds of the Orginal Creation, we were dreamed into being by the most beautiful ecstacy and pure Divine loving Bliss of the Cosmic Mother and Father and too our Mother Earth herself is a Starlight dream of the Divine. Feel This! The most incredible pure innocent love, Bliss, ecstacy this is This orginal Starlight dream. The true Divine Source Harmonics and Orginal Dream is beginning to awake within the collective and within all the magical realms, kingdoms and worlds of the earth and Universe. As we remember who we truly are as Divine beings of a loving source we will also remember that we are a Galatic Civilization. As we reattune to the Orgainc Universal Laws of Creation all that created war destruction, disorder, disease and disharmony will leave our planet. For the Universal Laws of Orginal Creation are Laws of Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity . Its time to choose love and Illuminated light over and over and over again. First from within each thought, action, word and deed and within our relationships. It is time to open our pure divine lovingly joyful vibration and understand the greater story that is playing itself out within our world and Universe. It is time to awaken family, to expand, open to a more exnded perception of reality. We are more then this human story. We are in the time of Prophecy and a Golden Age of Light is Here now! As our collective consciousness opens, releases from the old and begins to remember its true Galatic Heritage and Orgins of Love many structures on the earth will change. All that is not love with show its shadow side and in this painful tantrum will try to cause disharmony and destruction. In this process stay in your center of love and light, keep breaking free of the chains of disharmony and hatred within yourself. Send lovelight to all thoes shadows that need care and healing and do not waiver from your hearts truth. Sing your songs of love, dream your dreams of love, keep healing, opening and remembering your true power and nature. Create your reality each moment with your vibration. Its time for the true Divine Reality to open in our all our hearts, visions, thoughts, actions and deeds and deeply within side thee. We are worthy to feel and have all the goodness, the beauty, the abundance, the love, the ecstasy and bliss. We are powerful and Divine, a dream seed of the Divine Creation awakeing and taking flight. Metamorphosis and Fly!

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Oct 21, 2023

Dear Amba and Family,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. These words are so activating and nourishing to my heart. I am staying connected more and more each day. The Dragons' awakening and the unification with Source are strengthening within and your living words are helping me to build the connection and feel the Love expanding. I have so much gratitude for all who are sharing your Love and guidance with others.

Yours truly,

Jamie Calloway (Blue Jay)

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