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Galatics are Here

Establishing a new earth of Galatic Consiciousness arrives in a time of deep repare and bioregensis for the Planet Earth. It is a Time of deep healing and realignment for the Orgainc Matrices of Gaia, Terra Nova Gaia. Beings from all over the Galaxy have been called to join in for the rehibilation for this sacred and most Divine Environment of Creation. The Earth is a living akasha for the whole Universe and a sacred planet that host unlimited amount of potential for evolution. Mass Consiciousness will now go through another cycle of tremendous upgrades within their DNA structures. Genetic codings will begin to rewire to a state of awakening Consiciousness and higher key harmonics will come online, all will begin to shift to their heart space frequency, and begin to feel deeply their interconnectedness between all things. As a new harmonic of Love opens in the Hearts of All beings, prepare for a radical shift in reality, and open to the mystery and beauty that this metamorphosing and birthing through our own lives.

Beautiful light, waves of God Source intelligence flows in now, opening the sky's illumination of a Galatic Civilization.

Messages from Dream Time,

Amba Aliana'Hi

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