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Cherry Tree Dragon Egg Awakes: Our Orginal Innocence returns.

A Sacred and true Story of the awakening of the Cherry Tree Dragon Egg. The orginal innocence of humanity returns Into the fabric of life.

(This took place in the Awakening the Dragon Tree Ceremony on 1/29/24)

Once upon a time, in a mystical land untouched by time, the Mother of Dragons sensed a shift in the very fabric of the Earth. It was a calling, a whispered plea from the depths of the planet's heart. And so, she called upon a select group of Earth Guardians, whose souls were intertwined with the ancient magic of the world, to embark on a journey unlike any other.

Gathering her chosen protectors, the Mother of Dragons shared her vision of awakening the dormant Dragon eggs hidden within the Ancient Trees. For millennia, these precious eggs had been kept sacred and secret, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to restore the original light to the Earth. The task at hand was not only to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures but also to ignite a spark of hope within the hearts of all living beings.

With determination gleaming in their eyes, the Earth Guardians set forth, carried upon the majestic wings of the mighty dragons. Their first destination? The fabled Ancient Cherry Tree, said to possess a dragon so beautiful and ancient that its very existence could bring tears to the eyes of gods.

As the group approached the Ancient Cherry Tree, they marveled at its magnificence. Its branches, adorned with delicate pink blossoms, seemed to whisper tales of forgotten enchantments. And perched atop the highest branch, silhouetted against the golden sunset, was the guardian of this sacred tree – the light pink cherry tree dragon.

Her scales shimmered like the petals of a cherry blossom, radiating a gentle warmth that enveloped the Earth Guardians as they landed. With a grace befitting her ancient lineage, the cherry tree dragon welcomed them into her temple, a hidden space nestled within the branches of the tree itself.

Within the temple's ethereal glow, the cherry tree dragon began to weave her magic. One by one, she approached the Earth Guardians, her eyes flashing with ancient wisdom. As she touched their hearts, a surge of pure energy coursed through their veins, washing away the burdens and scars they carried.

In a breathtaking display of her power, the cherry tree dragon gifted each Guardian a vision of their original divine innocence. They stood, bathed in radiant light, reconnecting with the purity, sweetness, and infinite possibilities that had long been buried beneath the weight of their past.

Moved by the dragon's grace, the Earth Guardians gathered around a slumbering dragon egg that was on the altar inside the cherry trees temple. With voices harmonizing like a chorus of angels, they chanted ancient songs passed down through generations to bless the babay dragon egg. Their melodies reverberated through the temple's walls, resonating with the very heartbeat of the Earth.

As the symphony of their devotion echoed into the night, a stirring came from within the egg. Crack by crack, the shell relinquished its hold on the newborn dragon. Finally, with a burst of dazzling light, the baby dragon emerged, its eyes alight with joy and love.

In that moment, the Earth trembled beneath their feet, its dormant innocence roused to life once more. All across the globe, the dragon eggs of the cherry tree stirred, awakening in places where darkness had reigned for far too long. The essence of purity and innocence spread, like a vibrant tapestry woven by the dragons' very breath, healing wounds and igniting hope.

With hearts overflowing with triumph and gratitude, the Earth Guardians watched as the cherry tree dragon soared into the crimson sky, her ancient wings carrying her to distant lands. The adventure that had brought them together had served its purpose, leaving behind a world bathed in the gentle glow of restored light.

As the Earth Guardians bid farewell to their newfound ally, a sense of wonder and possibility danced within their souls. They understood now, more than ever, that the power to shape their world lay not only in the strength of their bodies but also in the purity of their intentions. And so, hand in hand, they vowed to protect and cherish the dragons, the keepers of light, for generations to come.


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