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Baobab: The New Earth Templates from Aramatena

Amidst the cosmic dance of evolution, and in preparation for the Awakening of the Dragon Tree May Ceremony, I was taken on a mystical journey through Aurora Frequency’s to the Ancient Baobab Tree. In this journey the Baobab Tree gifted me the opportunity to travel to the 12D Gate of Aramatena which is in the Cradle of Lyra to witness the emergence of the new Earth templates.

First I wish to share just a little about Aramatena.

The Aramatena gate stands as a luminous gateway within the fourth harmonic universe, spanning across the expansive dimensions of 10D, 11D, and 12D. This sacred gateway serves as a celestial bridge that intricately connects to the Aurora Earth Matrix of Andromeda, channeling divine frequencies of cosmic wisdom and higher consciousness. From this ethereal realm, the radiant energies of the Aramatena gate gracefully filter down into the Gaian Matrix of the third harmonic universe, enveloping the dimensions of 7D, 8D, and 9D with its sublime essence and anchors into the Ancient Tree of Human Consciousness within the Gaian World.

The Baobab Tree, a sentinel of cosmic knowledge, is one of the Ancient Trees from the original cosmic garden of Edon in the lands of Aveon. She is here in the garden of Earth as a wise and Ancient Grandmother of Life who births new forms into physical reality. Since the Aurora swept it’s cosmic light across the earth’s atmosphere in the month of May, it began to encrypt and recode the core frequency’s within the template of earth and within our own human template, opening doorways into 7D, 8D, 9D Gaian consciousness. As I traversed through the Aramatena portal, a gateway to higher dimensions, I felt a surge of energy propelling me towards a destination of unparalleled significance.

Arriving at the original Garden of Edon in the lands of Aveon, I beheld a spectacle of crystalline light, illuminating the sacred space with its transcendent beauty. Here, the future Earth templates materialized in a display of cosmic architecture, embodying the harmonious blueprint for a new era of existence.

The intricate crystalline structures, spanning dimensions of 12D and beyond, pulsated with vibrant energy, resonating with the frequencies of unity, love, and elevated consciousness. It was a vision of a world where all beings could thrive in alignment with the universal flow of creation, heralding a paradigm shift towards a more enlightened future for humanity.

In awe of this vision in the original garden of life, I was taken to the Ancient Cosmic Tree that was growing in vibrant hues of golden, ruby, emerald, Amathyst and sapphire plasma light. Standing in the beauty of this tree, I began to witness the emergence of the new Earth templates, and before my eyes, a transformative revelation unfolded.

A beautiful convergence of two primal forces of creator beings began to merge into one – the energies of the Felion and the Dragon. As I witnessed the dance and magical intertwining of these powerful divine source energies making love, I started to understand that this was the gifting of the New Earth Templates, 12 Felion Humanoid Codes, and 12 Dragon Humanoid Codes dancing together in one harmonious template through the original cosmic tree. These sacred codes intertwined to form a 24-strand DNA template that cascaded down through the Aramatena gateway, permeating the realms of the 7D, 8D, and 9D harmonic universe of Gaian Consciousness.

The infusion of these divine codes heralded a new era of cosmic alignment and spiritual evolution, weaving a tapestry of light that resonated with the frequencies of unity, empowerment, and divine sovereignty. As the multidimensional template anchored itself within the fabric of existence, a harmonious convergence of energies unfolded, catalyzing a profound shift in consciousness across the cosmos.

As I returned through the Aramatena portal, the profound experience etched itself into the fabric of my being, igniting a spark of hope and renewal for the future. The wisdom shared by the Baobab Tree and the visions unveiled in the Garden of Edon instilled within me a sense of purpose and responsibility to carry this cosmic knowledge forward.

With this sharing I would like to invite you to join me in the Awakening the Dragon Tree Ceremony with the Ancient Baobab where you will have the extraordinary opportunity to receive the 24 sacred New Earth codes of the Felion Dragons. As we gather in the luminous presence of the Baobab tree, you shall be initiated into the mysteries of the universe and attuned to the transformative energies that flow from Aramatena Gateway through the Aurora and into the birthing chamber of the Baobab Tree.

These divine codes and new earth templates hold the power to unlock the ancient wisdom within your very being, resonating with the frequencies of unity, empowerment, and divine sovereignty. As you stand beneath the majestic canopy of the Baobab tree, these sacred codes will gracefully descend into your essence, activating your ancestral tree DNA and igniting the dormant seeds of divine consciousness within you. Through this profound experience, you will become a conduit for these sacred vibrations, anchoring them into the planetary tree grid and contributing to the elevation of collective consciousness. Join us as we unite in this transformative ceremony, where the harmonious convergence of the Felion Dragon Codes and the sacred Baobab tree will guide us on a journey of spiritual rebirth and illumination.

May the revelations received from traveling with the Baobab Tree and awakening the 24 New Earth Felion Dragon Templates serve as a beacon of inspiration for all who seek to awaken to the boundless potentials of the cosmos within their Gaian world.

Sign up now for the Baobab Tree Ceremony, a pre-recorded ceremony that will become live on Friday, May 31st and can be accessed at anytime. This unique ceremony has been meticulously crafted to transmit ancient codes of wisdom and healing, as revealed by the Guardians. Experience the transformative power of this sacred ritual, designed to align your spirit with the cosmic energies of the universe. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a journey of spiritual renewal and growth, as we gather under the canopy of the Baobab Tree to connect with the infinite wisdom of the cosmos.

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