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    ~ Starseed Mission ~ Angelic Light ~

Welcome to The Harmonic Garden a sacred sanctuary where nature's wisdom and magic converge to guide you on a transformative journey of healing, self-discovery and consciousness expansion.  

In this mystical garden, you will embark on a deep exploration of Mother Earth's Divine intelligence. Through connection with the gentle whispers of the healing plants, the essences of divine flowers, the ancient wisdom of trees, the crystalline energy of stones, the ethereal essence of the animal and nature spirits, and the light from the celestial star beings, you will receive profound healing, wisdom, and guidance for your own personally journey. This will nourish your soul, expand your consciousness and awaken you to your True Nature.


Williow's Dream Tree Ceremony 

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 When you Look deep into nature you will discover that everything is alive, living and breathing, magically singing and dancing within the circle of life. When you experience this oneness you come into a deep sense of wholeness and begin to remember your true nature, who you are and why you came. 

 Healing Programs with Plant Consciousness

Are you in pain and suffering, wishing to heal from past trauma, such as betrayal, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual or physical abuse, emotional neglect, loneliness, grief, heartbreak, abandonment, or suffering from PTSD due to a traumatic event?

These healing programs invite participants to immerse themselves in nature's healing energies, reconnect with plant wisdom, and create powerful healing and transformation. Through plant spirit healing practices, individuals explore their trauma, release it from their bioenergy, nervous system and DNA, and reawaken their divine potential.

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Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2

Awakening the Dragon Trees 

The Planetary Tree Grid Network 

A monthly Grid Work Ceremony 

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In 2023, Twelve Ancient Tree Temples were awoken within our group of Grid workers.

The Gingko, Baobab, Eucalyptus, Redwood, Cypress, Olive, Bristlecone Pine, Katsura,

Dragon's Blood, Great Oak, Bodhi and the Yew.


These beautiful trees set the foundation for the 2024 Tree Grid Ceremonies.


  • This sacred journey is an invitation to step into our true potential, to embrace the wisdom within us, and to play an active role in the awakening of humanity.

  • Guided by the wisdom of The Ancient Trees we embark on a pilgrimage to awaken the Dragon Trees and carry their dragon egg, to their rightful places within the earth grid, to assist in the birthing of the New Earth.

  • The Dargon Eggs are the vibrations templets of the Ancient Trees and hold key vibrational codes for the awakening of the New Earth, They assist the energetic Girds of Mother Earth in awakening her Original Blueprint.

  • This monthly Planetary Tree Grid ceremony awaits those who are ready to embark on this transformative adventure, those who yearn to make a difference and be part of a new era of consciousness.

Join us as we unlock the wisdom of the Ancient Trees, carry the dragon eggs, and plant the seeds of awakening in the grid. Let us honor the ancient lineage of these majestic beings and become the custodians of humanity's evolution.

Magical Blog

Painted Leaves 2
Painted Leaves 2

Meet your Guide

Amba is a Lyran Starseed and holds the vibration of Lemurian Love Fire. She is a carrier of the Original Tree of Life Templates within her DNA and is here on Mission Work to Restore Peace, Love and Harmony within the Ancient Tree.

(The Human DNA and the Planetary Grid System) 

She is a Crystal Child who is working under the Emerald Covent to assist the Earth in its Reharmonization. 

She is a Spiritual Healer and Priestess of Mu under the Melchizedek Colister Order. 

 She works in co-creation with the Guardian Alliance and the Galactic Earth Guardians, the White Animal Kingdom, the Elven Elders, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers and the Council of 12.

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Initiation into Tree Spirit Healing

The Seven Sacred Trees Initiation 

An Online Course Study 

This extraordinary course invites you to immerse yourself in the mystical, magical, and metaphysical energies of the Seven Sacred Trees of: Whtie Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Oak, Birch, Maple, Willow and Cottonwood Trees.

  • You will learn how to communicate with trees, interpret their messages, and harness their healing powers for personal growth and spiritual development.

  • You will connect deeply with their ancient wisdom, receiving their guidance, and forging a powerful alliance with them.

  • Through a combination of experiential learning, guided meditations, rituals, and teachings, you will embark on a spiritual exploration of the hidden realms within the tree kingdom and learn how to co-create magic with their spirits.

  The Seven Sacred Trees course is a unique opportunity to awaken your soul, embrace the magic of nature, and become a steward of the Earth's sacred trees.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of transformation?

 Reiki Trainings:   
Earth Guardianship, Star Guardianship, Galactic Guardianship
For Reiki Level 2 and Master Reiki Initiates Only 


This is very advanced Level Training for those people already trained in Reiki Level 2 or above and is specific to Earth Healing. Each Level of Initiation is a path within its own. You will start with the Earth Guardianship teachings and work your way through Star Guardianship to Galactic Guardianship.  

- Learn how to Connect with the Trees, Plants and Animal Kingdom through the Reiki Path

- Learn how to bring healing to Poisoned and Toxic Areas on the Planet

- Learn how to awaken your DNA and Starlight connection to the Planetary System and Universal Galactic System. 

Therefore, O peoples, purify thyselves! You are a walking Temple, a Tree of Life, a Sacred One of Mother Earth, a Star Relation! Within in you is a reflection of the Without.

Journey to the Ancient Mother Trees with our Lemurian Guides the Elven Elders. These first original Eternal Life Ancient Trees existed on  5D Tara (Earth) before and during the time of Lemuria, when Earth consciousness was in complete harmony and balance. In this original Earth Garden existed the Giant Mother Trees, from which all life was held within and all life was nourished from. During the Galactic wars the Ancient Mother Trees were cut down by Giants, thus severing our biological systems from direct connection to the Holy Mother and our Eternal Life Template. Now on Earth we know these ancient Trees as buttes or Plateaus such as Bears (Devil’s) Tower.  We will travel back to the Ancient Mother Trees to reconnect with their pure knowledge and begin to restore and reawaken the memory of these Mother Trees within us and upon the Planet. This activation will assist us in awakening the memory of our Eternal Life DNA coding and will begin to restore the Mother Tree Grid around the Planet. 

As we connect into the Ancient Mother Trees we will receive higher knowledge transmissions to assist us in our awakening here on Earth. They will awaken a remembrance of our connection to the Eternal Life Tree templates and assist you in anchoring in this wisdom through your DNA into the New Earth.

Personal Benefits you will Receive from this sacred mission work: 

Reconnect to the Ancient Mother Tress and Access pure wisdom and knowledge from the Mother Trees.

  • Learn about Earth Ancient History

  • Learn Original Sound Codes that awaken the original DNA within your own Ancient Tree

  • Help Reconnect the Ancient Tree Grid for Planetary Organic Eternal Life Ascension into 5D & 7D Nova Gaia.

  • Learn to integrate and harness the Mother Tree frequencies for the Birthing of the 5d & 7D Nova Gaia.

  • Gain insight and ancient knowledge awareness from the White Lions and Elvin Elders

  • Connect to the ancient pure energy consciousness of the Original Earth 5D Tara

  • Begin to Awaken your Original 12D Organic Template

  • Retrieve ancient Memory from the Original 5D Earth (Tara)

Awakening the Giant Mother Trees

Other Planetary Gridwork Ceremony's 

Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony 
Awakening the Songline within the 64 UVB Grid. 
Every Autum Equinox September 22 In-Person 

plantry grid.jpg

Sacred Roots Revival: Ancient Grove Restoration Project

The Mission is to Restore Peace, Love and Harmony by 2030 by Uniting the 12 Celestial Tribes at the Ancient Trees across the Planet. 


Our mission is to honor and connect with the ancient wisdom held within the majestic trees of our world. Through sacred ceremonies, we activate the templates of these ancient trees, allowing their profound energies to ripple through the Earth.

In our endeavor, we not only focus on the spiritual aspect but also on the physical manifestation of our commitment to Mother Earth. We immerse ourselves in local communities, planting new baby ancient trees to create magical gardens that will flourish with life, love, and healing energy.

 * Our goal is to weave a planetary grid of interconnected energy, where the wisdom of the past meets the promise of the future. Through our actions, we seek to foster a deeper connection with nature, promote sustainability, and inspire others to join us in nurturing the Earth and all its beings.

Join us in this transformative journey as we embark on a mission to honor the ancient trees, awaken magical gardens, and create a harmonious balance between humanity and the natural world. Together, we can co-create a more vibrant and sustainable future for generations to come.

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Rosemary Nicholas
Life Coach and Retreat Guru

"Amba tenderly and beautifully guided me to a magical place so that I could be with this part of myself that now is present and with me ALL the time. She also assisted me in releasing parts of myself and my story that where no longer honoring me. The direction of my life has completely changed. Who I am as a human is so completely different.  Her gentle guidance and energy is so magical and life altering!"

Padme Lake
Master Energy Healer

" Working with Amba is exquisite and powerful. I came to her with sadness from a big transition that's coming soon, and we worked in her beautiful garden with the plants and flowers and water beings. Something deep within me has shifted to a place of greater acceptance and peace. I know things will be fine, and even better than fine. I have the clarity to follow and trust my inner guidance a new."

Suzzane Gold
Astrologer and Channel 

" Amba is a Master healer who evoked deep clearing and shifts in my being. Her Plant Spirit healing and other tools helped me with a painful emotional experience and ancestral wounds. Together we were able to heal numerous years of pain. Amba hold a beautiful space and powerful transformations occurred swiftly and safely."

Beloved Woman, Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Friend.

It is my greatest honor and joy to share with you the birthing of the Holy Heart Flower Waters.

The Holy Heart Essences are for all women and come as a blessing from the Holy Mothers to heal heartbreak and sadness and awaken your Holy Heart.

 Pink Rose, Ocean Rose, Rosa,  Bleeding Heart, Violet, and Peonies

graciously gift their vibration into the Holy waters to transform the very waters of your own beautiful being.

The Holy Heart Essenes will spark a transformational journey of self-love. These help you to transform your life, heal and open your heart into a play of honor, respect and love for yourself and all beings. These essences heal and cleans grief, heartbreak, sadness, and restore the Divine Vibrations of Holy Love into your being, encouraging you to blossom your love and wisdom into the world.


It is with great joy and deep gratitude that I share this beautiful and magical offering from the mother of the waters and the devas of the flowers for the healing and awakening of the Divine Feminine.
This Sacred Flower Waters have been Harmonically
co-created in the garden of life, with song and prayer and will attune to exactly what your mind, body or spirit may need for your highest good. Each essence captures the unique imprint and healing gifts of the Plants, Gems, Flowers, Nature Spirits, and Sacred Places from around the world. These essences can help us embrace our True Divine Nature, supporting our individual and collective awakening.

"Within the Waters of the Flowers, a child is born.
The flame of innocence is sparked, and new visions are birthed. The waters of the flowers give life to the lands of our bodies. The waters of the flowers bring light to our life. The waters of the flowers clean our hearts. The waters of the flowers clean our souls. The waters of flowers give life to our visions. The waters of the flowers heal us with beauty from the Mother Earth and Heal us with the light of the Father Sun. With the divine waters we are given new life. The divine flower waters open the petals to our healing and heal what was hurting inside. The flowers of the waters awaken our Light and teach us how to share our gifts with the world."

Dedicate to the Holy Mothers, the Grandmother, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, the 7 generations before and the 7 generations after! Embrace your LOVE!

The Harmonic Garden
Amba Aliana'Hi


Awakening Peace, Love and Harmony

within the Ancient Tree.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May all the beings in all

the worlds be happy and free.  

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