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Shamanic Healing ~ Sound Healing ~ Energy Healing ~ Plant Spirit Healing ~ Light Language ~ Angelic Channel  

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Awakening Peace, Love and Harmony at the Ancient Tree. 


Ancient Tree Ceremonies 

~ Learn the medicinal and magical properties of Trees ~

~ Explore the legends and myths surrounding each tree ~  

~ Learn how to communicate with the trees and form a relationship with each one. ~  

~ Engage in ancient tree breathing techniques ~ 

~ Shamanic journey to the other world to receive healing, wisdom and guidance from the Tree Spirits. 

Begins:  February 21st, 2021 @ 6pm EST

Ceremonies are Sunday's from 6-8pm on Zoom


1. White Pine: 2/21/2021 @ 6pm EST

2. Eastern Hemlock: 3/7/2021 @ 6pm EST

3. Oak Tree: 3/21/2021 @ 6pm EST

4. Paper Birch: 4/4/2021 @6pm EST

5. Mother Maple: 4/18/2021 @6pm EST 

With the course you will receive a package by mail containing the following materials: 


~ 1 Pine Tree Resin Oil

~ 1 Cedar Tincture

~ 1oz eastern Hemlock Essence, 1oz Oak/Acorn Essence, 1oz Paper Birch Essence,

1oz Mother Maple Essence.


~ The tree essences will assist the ceremonies and help you to integrate the trees wisdom into your life and the teas will be boiled and drank during the ceremonies.   


 When you Look deep into nature you will discover that everything is alive, living and breathing, magically singing and dancing within the circle of life. When you experience this oneness you come into a deep sense of wholeness and begin to remember your true nature, who you are and why you are here. 

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Therefore, O peoples, purify thyselves! You are a walking Temple, a Tree of Life, a Sacred One of Mother Earth, a Star Relation! Within in you is a reflection of the Without.

Healing Services 

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Co-Creation with Spirit

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Sacred Bath Ritual for Woman's Moon Time


This is a beautiful and Free gift for the Holy Womb of Creation from the  Devas of the Plants and the Divine Mothers of Creation to Bless and Heal your Holy Womb during your moon time. (menses)

The Holy Womb Flower Essences

This a sensual and Divine Essence to bless your sacred shakti energy. Cleansing and healing blockages in the sacred love temple. Gifted from the Holy Mothers of Creation the cosmic waters of God and the Devas of the Rose, Motherwort, ponies, and Violet. 


The Holy Heart Essences


Beloved Woman, Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Friend.

It is my greatest honor and joy to share with you the birthing of the Holy Heart Flower Waters.

The Holy Heart Essences are for all women and come as a blessing from the Holy Mothers to heal heartbreak and sadness and awaken your Holy Heart.

 Pink Rose, Ocean Rose, Rosa,  Bleeding Heart, Violet, and Peonies

graciously gift their vibration into the Holy waters to transform the very waters of your own beautiful being.

The Holy Heart Essenes will spark a transformational journey of self-love. These help you to transform your life, heal and open your heart into a play of honor, respect and love for yourself and all beings. These essences heal and cleans grief, heartbreak, sadness, and restore the Divine Vibrations of Holy Love into your being, encouraging you to blossom your love and wisdom into the world.


It is with great joy and deep gratitude that I share this beautiful and magical offering from the mother of the waters and the devas of the flowers for the healing and awakening of the Divine Feminine.
This Sacred Flower Waters have been Harmonically
co-created in the garden of life, with song and prayer and will attune to exactly what your mind, body or spirit may need for your highest good. Each essence captures the unique imprint and healing gifts of the Plants, Gems, Flowers, Nature Spirits, and Sacred Places from around the world. These essences can help us embrace our True Divine Nature, supporting our individual and collective awakening.

"Within the Waters of the Flowers, a child is born.
The flame of innocence is sparked, and new visions are birthed. The waters of the flowers give life to the lands of our bodies. The waters of the flowers bring light to our life. The waters of the flowers clean our hearts. The waters of the flowers clean our souls. The waters of flowers give life to our visions. The waters of the flowers heal us with beauty from the Mother Earth and Heal us with the light of the Father Sun. With the divine waters we are given new life. The divine flower waters open the petals to our healing and heal what was hurting inside. The flowers of the waters awaken our Light and teach us how to share our gifts with the world."

Dedicate to the Holy Mothers, the Grandmother, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, the 7 generations before and the 7 generations after! Embrace your LOVE!


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Lenox, Massachusetts


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"I do not know if I will have the words to describe the beauty that is Ambarees! When I saw Ambarees for a session I had recently gone thru the path of breast cancer and was still working on healing all the parts of me that still needed my love and acceptance. I did not know what to expect, I just knew I was drawn to the work she was doing. I was taken on the most mind blowing, beautiful journey to myself! 

I saw parts of me that had been waiting to be seen! Waiting to be given permission to show up!  Ambarees tenderly and beautifully guided me to a magical place so that I could be with this part of myself that now is present and with me ALL the time. She also assisted me in releasing parts of myself and my story that where no longer honoring me. The direction of my life has completely changed. Who I am as a human is so completely different.  Her gentle guidance and energy is so magical and life altering!  I am eternally grateful for her.  If you find yourself wondering if you should do a session with Ambarees I assure you the answer is YES!"

Rosemary Quade Nichols

Life Coach and Retreat Guru


Working with Ambarees Love is exquisite and powerful. I came to her with sadness from a big transition that's coming soon, and we worked in her beautiful garden with the plants and flowers and water beings. Something deep within me has shifted to a place of greater acceptance and peace. I know things will be fine, and even better than fine. I have the clarity to follow and trust my inner guidance anew. Thank you sweet Ambarees for your Divine radiance! You are a gift! 

Padme Lake - Master Energy Healer 

Ambarees Love is a Master healer who evoked deep clearing and shifts in my being. Her Plant Spirit healing and other tools helped me with a painful emotional experience and ancestral wounds. Together we were able to heal numerous years of pain. Ambarees holds a beautiful space and powerful transformations occurred swiftly and safely. I also manage Crystal Essence Wellness Center, where we hired Ambarees for private session and transformational workshops, all of which have had a beautiful and profound effect on our clients.

Suzanne Gould - Astrologer and Physic Medium 

My dear sister Ambarees Love has a connection to the earth and the plants that has truly been a blessing to me. Her gifts of remembering, singing, aligning, and healing are desperately needed at this time. She has always shown up right on time for me. My gratitude for her is immense beyond measure. My only wish is that I could spend more time with her, but that would be selfish, as her gifts are needed elsewhere, by many. I highly encourage anyone who is struggling, or simply looking for more, anyone who is seeking; to reach out and connect with her. Thank you always for showing up for me dear one. 

Matthew McCabe - Caregiver for Autism 


Ambarees is a very caring healer. She helped clean me out and reconnect with powerful plant allies. I felt a deep sense of ease and peace of mind afterwards. I had a great experience and would

definitely recommended her work. 

Rhonda Peterson - Ayahuasca Shaman and Energy Healer