The Harmonic Garden

Shamanic Healing ~ Sound Healing ~ Energy Healing ~ Plant Spirit Healing ~ Light Language ~ Angelic Channel  

 Awakening Peace, Love and Harmony at the Ancient Tree. 


Therefore, O peoples, purify thyselves! You are a walking Temple, a Tree of Life, a Sacred One of Mother Earth, a Star Relation! Within in you is a reflection of the Without.

Ambarees Love

Holds the vibration of the Lemurian Love Flame.

She is an ancient soul and Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek.

She is a certified Sound Healer, a Unitary Reiki Master, a Plant Spirit Healer and Ceremonialist, an Angelic Channel and Music Medium.  She also is a gifted Tree Communicator and devoted Earth Guardian. In her healing sessions she works with her voice and sacred instruments such as crystal bowls, drums, flutes, crystal harps and with the Spirit of the Plants (the doctors), the Archangels, the Ascended Master Teachers of Creation and the Holy Mothers. Her intention though her healing is to spark a remembrance inside your soul that will empower the Divine Nature in your being to come alive and awaken to its highest potential.  She brings forth ancient wisdom from the Earth Nations and Star Nations to restore balance and harmony within human consciousness and Mother Earth. She shares her gifts of love though many forms of expression; through song, poetry, prayer, light language, art, music of the plants, healing sessions, ceremonies, classes and workshops.

Her healing works are profoundly deep and rich and create lasting change and transformation. Her sessions are intended for those who are seeking powerful healing transformation, activation, and awakening. She has been sharing her gifts across the United States since 2008 and has served and assisted 1000s of people. She came deeper into her purpose after a near death experience in 2010 in which she merged in consciousness with the Elohim, and was given a mission to bring healing to the earth. Shortly after, she began studying under the Order of Melchizedek as a Healer of Light. She was then guided to study earth based healing with many different Tribal Nations of Mother Gaia. She works specifically with the Star Elders of the Lakota Nation and the Medicine Teachings from the Munay Ki.

She is in continual study with the Masters through the Kryon School and is embodying her original vibration and essence; Ambarees, which is Lemurian Love Fire.

Her purpose is to reawaken Divine Love upon the Planet and within the hearts of humanity. 

Release and let go, restore and rejuvenate, explore and expand into the Light of Your Soul.

Awake! Awake! Awake!  


Healing Services 
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 When you Look deep into nature you will discover that everything is alive, living and breathing, magically singing and dancing within the circle of life. When you experience this oneness you come into a deep sense of wholeness and begin to remember your true nature, who you are and why you are here. 

Co-Creation with Spirit

Sacred Bath Ritual for Woman's Moon Time

This is a beautiful and Free gift for the Holy Womb of Creation from the  Devas of the Plants and the Divine Mothers of Creation to Bless and Heal your Holy Womb during your moon time. (menses)

The Holy Womb Flower Essences

This a sensual and Divine Essence to bless your sacred shakti energy. Cleansing and healing blockages in the sacred love temple. Gifted from the Holy Mothers of Creation the cosmic waters of God and the Devas of the Rose, Motherwort, ponies, and Violet. 


The Holy Heart Essences

Beloved Woman, Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Friend.

It is my greatest honor and joy to share with you the birthing of the Holy Heart Flower Waters.

The Holy Heart Essences are for all women and come as a blessing from the Holy Mothers to heal heartbreak and sadness and awaken your Holy Heart.

 Pink Rose, Ocean Rose, Rosa,  Bleeding Heart, Violet, and Peonies

graciously gift their vibration into the Holy waters to transform the very waters of your own beautiful being.

The Holy Heart Essenes will spark a transformational journey of self-love. These help you to transform your life, heal and open your heart into a play of honor, respect and love for yourself and all beings. These essences heal and cleans grief, heartbreak, sadness, and restore the Divine Vibrations of Holy Love into your being, encouraging you to blossom your love and wisdom into the world.


It is with great joy and deep gratitude that I share this beautiful and magical offering from the mother of the waters and the devas of the flowers for the healing and awakening of the Divine Feminine.
This Sacred Flower Waters have been Harmonically
co-created in the garden of life, with song and prayer and will attune to exactly what your mind, body or spirit may need for your highest good. Each essence captures the unique imprint and healing gifts of the Plants, Gems, Flowers, Nature Spirits, and Sacred Places from around the world. These essences can help us embrace our True Divine Nature, supporting our individual and collective awakening.

"Within the Waters of the Flowers, a child is born.
The flame of innocence is sparked, and new visions are birthed. The waters of the flowers give life to the lands of our bodies. The waters of the flowers bring light to our life. The waters of the flowers clean our hearts. The waters of the flowers clean our souls. The waters of flowers give life to our visions. The waters of the flowers heal us with beauty from the Mother Earth and Heal us with the light of the Father Sun. With the divine waters we are given new life. The divine flower waters open the petals to our healing and heal what was hurting inside. The flowers of the waters awaken our Light and teach us how to share our gifts with the world."

Dedicate to the Holy Mothers, the Grandmother, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, the 7 generations before and the 7 generations after! Embrace your LOVE!

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Lenox, Massachusetts


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"I do not know if I will have the words to describe the beauty that is Dayla!  When I saw Dayla for a session I had recently gone thru the path of breast cancer and was still working on healing all the parts of me that still needed my love and acceptance. I did not know what to expect, I just knew I was drawn to the work she was doing. I was taken on the most mind blowing, beautiful journey to myself! 

I saw parts of me that had been waiting to be seen! Waiting to be given permission to show up!  Dayla tenderly and beautifully guided me to a magical place so that I could be with this part of myself that now is present and with me ALL the time. She also assisted me in releasing parts of myself and my story that where no longer honoring me. The direction of my life has completely changed. Who I am as a human is so completely different.  Her gentle guidance and energy is so magical and life altering!  I am eternally grateful for her.  If you find yourself wondering if you should do a session with Dayla I assure you the answer is YES!"

Rosemary Quade Nichols

Life Coach and Retreat Guru

"Great Spirit brought Yana into my life with divine & miraculous timing.   My best friend and spiritual mentor had just transitioned to the beyond, and I was looking for some guidance; I was looking for a tune up.
To start at the beginning; I have been walking a spiritual path since childhood.  I had a meditation practice that had its origins in Transcendental Meditation going all the way back to high school.  I studied world religions at university; and had a Spiritual practice that included elements of Kundalini Yoga, Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, and Native American Wisdom.  However, my practice was missing ritual & ceremony; it was void of the Sacred, it was incomplete.
Furthermore, for my profession I work with individuals with some of the most severe Disorders in the country.  The work I do for them is a kind of energetic healing work.  In doing so, I am exposed to a lot of diverse energy fields; and if I am not very careful some of this work can easily come home with me.  Yana intuitively picked up on this and provided me with the tools to be much more effective at my job, and to do so in a way that I am protected. 
Once sitting with Yana, I found her work to be very subtle and yet absolutely profound at the same time.  Yana used her energetic field  and indigenous ceremonial practices to create a sacred space; and she then introduced me to a particular breathwork.  After just a few rounds of breathing and some guidance from her; I was able to drop in to the fullness of my being.  I could feel my energetic system reaching for the earth and guiding me to groundedness. I could feel sludge clearing from my energy system.  I felt lighter instantly.  It all came back to me, I remembered my origins.  To put it simply, I came home that day. Yana helped me to remember my home.
In sitting with Yana, 25 years of knowledge was assimilated into my heart and into my being.  I continue to use the tools she taught me every day.  In fact,  I’m truly blown away at the depth of my experience everyday with just some simple plant medicine, smudging, ceremony, and breath work.  So very powerful.  It has impacted every aspect of my life.  One of the most profound effects has been on my dream-time space.  So much is coming through for me everyday and every night.  My internal guidance is fully tuned up. I feel like I now have the tools at my disposal to create a sacred space, drop into the fullness of my being, and cultivate a direct relationship with Spirit. This connection has become palpable. Groundedness and non-dual awareness are the norms for me these days. Sitting with Yana helped me to integrate over 25 years of prior experience and knowledge. Assimilating this knowledge into practice, & Integrating this knowledge from my mind into my heart.  I will remember the hour I spent with Yana for the duration of this life.  She has been, and will continue to be one of the most influential and impactful teachers/guides that I have had the pleasure to work with in this body.  I am forever grateful to her, and for the Divine Light that she is holding for this planet.  We are all very lucky to have her here with us, on this journey Home.

Matthew McCabe

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