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TREES: From the Essence Book of Peace.

TREES: From the Essence Book of Peace.

In the days of old, when the Creation was young, the earth was filled with giant trees, whose branches soared above the clouds, and in them dwelled our Ancient Father's, they who walked with the angels, and who lived by the Holy Law. In the shadow of their branches all men lived in peace, and wisdom and knowledge was theirs, and the revelation of the Endless light. Through their forests flowed the Eternal River, and in the center stood the Tree of Life, and it was not hidden from them. They ate from the table of the Earthly Mother, and slept in the arms of the Heavenly Father, and their covenant was for eternity with the Holy Law. In that time the trees were the brothers of men, and their span on the earth was very long, as long as the Eternal River, which flowed without ceasing from the Unknown Spring.

Now the desert sweeps the earth with burning sand, the giant trees are dust and ashes and the wide river is a pool of mud. For the sacred Covenant with the Creator was broken by the Sons of Men, and they were banished from their home of trees.

Now the path leading to the Tree of Life is hidden from the eyes of men, and sarrow fills the empty sky, where once the lofty branches soared.

Now into the burning desert come the Children of Light, the labor in the Garden of the Brotherhood. The seed they plant in the barren soil will become a mighty forest, and trees shall multiply and spread their wings of green until the whole earth be covered once again. The whole earth shall be a garden, and the tall trees shall cover the land. In that day shall sing the Children of Light a new song: My Bother Tree! Let me not hide myself from thee, but let us share the breathe of life which our Earthly Mother hath given to us. More beautiful then the finest jewel of the rug makers art. In the carpet of green leaves under my bare feet; more majestic than silken canopy of the rich merchant, is the tent of branches above my head, through which the bright stars give light. The wind among the leaves of Cypress maketh a sound like unto a chorus of angels. Through the rugged oak and royal cedar the Earthly Mother hath sent a message of Eternal Life to the Heavenly Father. My prayer goeth forth unto the tall trees: and their branches reaching skyward shall carry my voice to the Heavenly Father. For each child, thou shall plant a tree, that the womb of thy Earthly Mother shall bring forth life. As the womb of women doth bring forth life. He who doth destroy a tree hath cut off his own limbs. Thus shall sing the Children of Light, when the earth again shall be a garden: Holy Tree, divine gift of the Law! Thy majesty reunites all thoes who have strayed from their true home, which is the Garden of the Brotherhood. All men will become brothers once again under thy spreading branches. As the Heavenly Father hath loved all his children, so shall we love and care for the trees that grow in our land, so shall we keep and protect them, that they may grow tall and strong, and fill the earth again with their beauty. For the trees are our brothers, and as brothers, we shall guard and love one another.

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