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A personal story of healing with Ho'oponopono

Life presents moments of profound healing and transformation that defy explanation and touch the depths of our souls. I have been profoundly blessed with many opportunities that have led me to such moments in time and space, where ancient timelines merge, and an opportunity for healing is gifted. I would like to share my most recent healing story that unfolded during a sacred ceremony with the Kontomble (the little people of Africa), where I encountered a past life persecutor in a deeply transformative way, all under the watchful embrace of the Apple Tree.

It had been a profound week, with downloads of the New Earth Templates coming in from the Baobab Tree and the little people whispering messages to me about the birthing of a new form. (This will be shared in another story) They told me that in order to birth the new earth templates into my physical body that another round of deep healing would need to take place within the Ancient Tree (My DNA Template). Little did I know that over the next two weeks, my life would be completely transformed. A new physical template would be brought into form, and I would go through a set of challenges that would trigger me to face some of my deepest soul wounds.

It all started to unfold a week before I received word that a dear sister Aslinn, a Kontonoble Diviner, would be arriving in my hometown to offer a sacred ceremony and ritual, and I knew right away that I was meant to be there.

During the ceremony, we were guided to build sacred clay pot vessels as offering bowls to the nature spirits, and while doing this, we would talk with our group about where we were in our journey of life. A group of three Elder women and I were called to sit at the Ancient Maple Tree's roots, and to start, we blessed the tree with our love and sacred sage, and then tuned into our sacred silence. I started to build my first clay vessel, a honeycomb shape imprinted with the fern medicine. As we molded our sacred pots with our hands, the first woman began to share her story. During her story, she revealed to the group a past life that she was wishing to heal. In this past life, she was a Priest in the Mayan Temples and was in charge of picking the people who would be sacrificed. When my heart and soul heard this story, I began to remember one of my first past life experiences where I witnessed my head rolling down an ancient Mayan temple. This past life was revealed to me 15 years ago in dream time before I found my way to live in Mexico for a year. In the moment of meeting my persecutor face to face, I was overcome with a powerful sense of reconciliation. I got up from where I was sitting and sat next to the woman. I gently said to her, "I forgive you. I was one of the people you killed, and I forgive you." She responded with a little shock and asked me to explain. I then asked if she would like to heal this for both of us and the timeline through the process of Ho'oponopono...she said yes. And so we held hands, looked into each other's eyes, and began to repeat the prayer. It was extremely powerful, and I felt such a release and peace wash over my body. I felt like I was able to take back my power and let go of ancient anger and confusion. I understood in that moment the light of my soul and felt that my head was being reconnected to my body and reconnected into my heart. I also felt that she was freed from the weight of that Karama and could begin to understand the soul lessons that were linked into this timeline.

As the ceremony unfolded, the Apple Tree seemed to whisper words of wisdom and comfort to our hearts, its branches offering solace and support as we navigated the complexities of forgiveness and healing. In that sacred space, surrounded by the energy of ancient rituals and the unconditional love of the tree, we found a path to peace, forgiveness and understanding. By the end of the ceremony, a profound shift had taken place within us. The wounds of the past had been acknowledged, the chains of persecution broken, and a newfound sense of unity and compassion emerged. Through the healing power of the Apple Tree and the transformative energy of the ceremony, we had both found a way to release the burdens of the past and embrace a future filled with healing and reconciliation. This encounter with my past life persecutor at the sacred ceremony with the Apple Tree taught me the power of forgiveness, the healing energy of nature, and the endless possibilities that arise when we open our hearts to the journey of healing and reconciliation. May this story inspire you to embrace your own healing journey, to seek forgiveness and understanding, and to find peace in the depths of your soul.

I share this in hopes that it too may inspire you to find forgiveness in your life, and to be open to the healing with others! For when we have moments like this it truly allows more light to come into our consciousness, and new codes of our soul can awake.

With humble heart I share and with Ho'oponopono I gift.

Amba AlianaHi

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