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    The Symbols

The Universal Symbols and Laws of Creation


The Heavenly Host,

The Servants of Creator

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Star Elder Chief Golden Light Eagle

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Star Elder Standing Elk Man

Star Knowledge is dedicated to Peace on Earth. Through Teachings & Gatherings, Wisdom Keepers of Turtle Island share their message, dream and vision with the People of the World. Honoring all Relations, we share The Symbols, Sacred Messages and Sacred Art of the Laws of Creation to help awaken Human Beings’ understanding that WE ARE GUARDIANS of Mother Earth. Our knowing is to instill the Light on Earth, to help our Brothers and Sisters of the Four Directions awaken and begin the Age of Golden Light

The 11:11 Symbols

These 22 symbols were actually given to Stand Elk Man by beings from another star system. They told him that 12 of these symbols existed in a majority of the UFO ships around our planet today. Each ship carries these beautiful and deeply profound vibrational messages for the healing future of our people and planet. These Enlightened Messages from space are here to awaken your potentiality, and evoke enlightenment in our mind-body.

Universal Law of light sound
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Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration

This design represents the Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration. Sound and light are the basis for all creation. Light has sound and sound has light. Sound, light and vibration are given to you as a method of healing, to re-create. The very core of the being is a vibration. Awakens inner wisdom and remembrance. Awakens one to the cosmic community, atones self to celestial word.

Spiritual Law of Intuition

Spiritual Gift to Humankind. When you have that Spiritual connection to the High Self, your Intuition opens up like it were a book or a doorway. It is a gift to you to use. It is a part of your discernment and in use of discernment. It is so that you have a knowing about your world and your world within. It is so that you will have a knowing of your Cosmic Realm and your Cosmic Realm within.

Your Intuition is your guidance. Intuition expresses itself through emotion or instantaneous thought. Llisten to that inner voice, the Higher Self. And when you have the connection to the Higher Self, you are closely connected to God.

It represents the power to see feeling, heal emotional body and heart, the power to change things through thought, and the power of intuition.

Universal Law of Free Will

No one shall control another's physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual essence. Protects personal freedom, accesses Great Karmic Council. Honor the Divine Light in each and every Soul and the freedom to choose.

Spiritual Freedom of Man

The right to choose one's path in life, the right to choose between the Red Road and the Black Road, the right to choose a walk that is a steady road to higher spiritual growth or the right to choose the opposite, which would result in moral degradation for the human spirit. The representation of the adjacent road shows that there is always a choice and a chance to change. Opens gates that have been closed, initiates the alchemy of self, invokes dharmic path.

Universal Law of Symmetry

Represents the Separation of Humankind from the animals, plants, birds and all creation. Man thought of himself as superior, better than the animals and the other creatures. This created an extinction for many species, which results in imbalance. Helps onel ft from material to spiritual mind, Grounds divine presence, sets eyes on creator.


Spiritual Law of Equality

No one is either above or below another. Every life form is equal to all others. We all depend on all life forms for our existence. Wisdom, knowledge and truth is there for everyone . . . to be shared equally. Invokes spiritual community, unifies humanity through becoming one.

Universal Law of Movement and Balance

Represents the Spirit of All Creation, moves with the Earth, the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the ones that crawl, the ones that swim, and the plants and all that grow from Unci Maka (the Earth) and the spiritual walk of man. Heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, initiates creative energy for manifesting, steadies evolution through grace and strength.


Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness

Opens doorways for unification of self, golden road of health, strengthens through Divine Law.

If you are not at peace with all things within yourself and those around you, then happiness is not to be you, a part of you.


Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family

The upper line represents the celestial (heaven), and the bottom line represents the terrestrial (Earth). The connection between Heaven and Earth represents the creation of innocence and this is reflected by the center line. The innocence has no right or wrong, no good or bad. This results in truth. Parent’s protection for children, cultivates purity, innocence, truth, opens original mind





Spiritual Protection of Family

The right line represents wicasa (man) and the left represents winyan (woman). The connection between the two represents the wakanyeza (the innocent children). The responsibility of the parents is to protect the children. This is the symbol of Tiwahe (family) among the Lakota and the Dakota Oyate (Nation).

Spiritual discernment. The power within you is your protection. And it can be used for many different things.  For power is power. For you can use it to cause harm to another or you can use it to create good for another, or for yourselves. Always listen with your hearts. Brings one into right relationship with family, shield of the Father's heart.

Universal Law of Change

The four seasons of the Earth, as represented by the waniyetu (winter), the wetu (spring), the mdoyetu (summer), and the ptanyetu (fall). Invokes butterfly medicine, reinvigorates stagnant life cycles, great mystery symbol. Change helps you to grow both Spiritually, physically, mentally. Change helps you to grow in the Mind, the Body and the Spirit. On many different levels, change is important.


Spiritual Growth of the Man

Four Stages of Physical / Emotional / Mental / Spiritual Growth of the Man and Woman the bebena (baby), the wikoska (young man) and the wikoske (young woman), and the wicahcana (old man) and the winhucana (old women). In the feminine terms it will be equal to the physical.The ultimate goal for each one and their experiences of life, their lessons in life, the journey that they choose to go on, the ultimate aim or goal, is to grow Spiritually – to find your way home to Creator. Assists sacred path, awakens the higher mind, directs evolution into spirit.


Universal Law of Judgement

What you put out, you get back–quite simply. And if you judge another, you will be judged. When you judge another, you are judging yourself as well. It is a reflection of what you are and what still exists within you. Judgment is your teacher. There is no right or wrong .But through changing your thought, in an instant, you can undo a judgment or transform judgment. When you allow the Light of the Creator to flow through you constantly, in that space there can be no judgment.

Invokes cosmic judges to resolve interdimensional issues, balances Karma and aligns sacred path.


Spiritual Law of Karma

Karma is a belief. What goes around comes around. You can undo Karma through your perception and through forgiveness. When there is understanding and forgiveness, you are undoing Karma.

Opens doorways to transcend and transmute, invokes cycles of cause and effect.

Universal Law of Perception

The art of being far sighted into the realms of Universal thought and respect for mankind and all forms of life on Keya Maka (the Earth). Allows higher self to be in control, not your ego and then your perception of the Truth becomes clear. 

Opens inner eye, promotes multidimensional understanding, aligns self to universal truth.


Spiritual Law of Future Sight

It is used to help those who need help on a spiritual and emotional level. This law helps those who ask for help and tells us not to use this spiritual law to manipulate others into our way of spiritual thought. It also requires every individual to see how his/her words and actions can create spiritual construction or spiritual destruction.

Prophecy is interdimensional, transcending time and space to see into the future what is about to occur. But your future can change in an instant by your own actions, by your own choices. You also must have clarity within yourself, purity within yourself, within your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit in order for your prophecies to be exact.

Universal Law of Life

Connection between the Creator and the human being. It has to do with you as a Creator and bringing forward life that chooses to embody as life as you know it. This law also encompasses all of the Universes and their own creation and ways of creation. The straight path, awakens human Light centers and attunes to Galactic Centre, reconnects lifeline to Great Central Sun.


Spiritual Law of Choice

Freedom of choice every human being was given by Creator. The direction he chooses is either towards power or towards being a human being. When you make a choice, whatever it is, you are responsible for what you have created and chosen to do. Portals manifesting energy, opens gates of future possibility.

Universal Law of Nature

Your Mother Earth plays a big part in the Universal Law of Nature. There is the change of seasons, a time of growth, birth, rest, change. And all the Plant and Animal Kingdoms serve this law willingly and lovingly.Each of these things act as a connector to the Creator. Without Nature you would not understand the Creator. For when you see Nature in action, you are seeing one of the divine aspects of the Creator and helps you to understand all life.

Symbolizes the power to be, harmony in light relations, invokes the flame imperishable.



Universal Law of Protection

Being direct and to the point. It is one of your birthrights, that if you ask for Protection, if it is in your prayer, it will be there. But believe it is there for you. If there is any doubt in your mind, any fear in your mind that you do not have this protection, then you create for yourself. What you believe and what you feel, you will bring to yourself. Assists in soul evolution. Invokes light protection.


Universal Law of Love

All creation is based in Love. Love encompasses many things and expresses itself in many different forms. But when Love comes from the highest of vibration, it can only create joy, a sense of peace, and happiness within. Love truly is letting go and letting all things be in their divine order. Essence of happiness and life, sponsors and protects life transitions, the eye of understanding.






Spiritual Law of Healing (Doctoring)

Each of you have the ability within you to transform and recreate anything in your Body, your Mind or your Spirit.  It is this energy source that is created through thought, through emotion, through the Divine Connection, the source of Light, the source of the Creator that allows you to be able to heal either ones self or others, or animals or plants. For the body is attuned to a vibration that it responds to, as does plants and animals. It is this vibration that alters and can heal.

Working with the subconscious part of the mind, also is a key to healing. For you are what you believe you are.  You are what you think. When you can change the belief at the deepest levels of your unconscious, a transformation takes place within the Body, and a healing takes place.Opens healing portals, invokes spirit of healing




There are five Universal Laws that directly relate to family, and these five teepees represent the four seasons in which they apply. The man that carried these laws and these designs utilized these symbols when he saw families having difficulties. The Star People have hardships also wherever they live and use the same design to overcome their hardships.

These are five laws within the Kit Fox Society which reflect these laws of the family.

1. Sons belong to fathers, for fathers once were sons. Daughters belong to mothers, for mothers once were daughters. A son raised by the mother shall never become a warrior. A daughter raised by the father shall have difficulty in her search for gentleness. The rpide of the father is the glint of the sun in the sweat of his son, in a worthy effort. The pride of the mother in her daughter is the gentleness of her daughter. Mother is the love of the lodge. Father is the law. When Mother becomes law and love of the lodge, then Father becomes useless in the eyes of the children. When Father becomes law and love of the lodge, then Mother becomes useless in the eyes of the children. Both must have their place.

2. For seven sets of four summers, fathers place your hands on the shoulders of your son, standing there before you naked, remaining quiet for a time and knowing this is your link in the decendency for man, tell him that you love him. As a child this is here and gone, but, as a man he will ask himself, "Did my father love me?" And the wind will tell him so.

3. When you become like a wolf in the lodge of your loved ones, go into the forest. Find tranquility. Rest for awhile, then come home again a whole person.

4. Father and mother, in your youth, find time for your children and in your old age, your sons and daughters will find time for you.

5. If it be necessary to punish a child, do so in such a way as to improve his spirit or his mind, but lay not your hand on him, for you may damage the possession of the Great Spirit, his gift of life to you.

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