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April 10th Planetary Tree Grid Ceremony, 6PM EST

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The Ancient Tree Grid Network is connected to the Original Tree Of Life that exist eternally at a Quantum Level beyond time and space. The last time the Planetary Tree Grid was awoke was during the time of Lemuria. It is currently reawakening through our Human DNA template and the Christos Sophia Dragon Leyline system. In this session you will be guided on a journey with the Elven Elders of Lemuria to the Original Tree of Life and begin awakening your memory to these Ancient Tree Guardians and the Tree Grid Network. ​ In this ongoing Monthly class we will Journey to the Grandmother and Grandfather Trees from around the world, to receive their medicine, guidance and wisdom and assist them in awakening their true Original Eternal Spirit. We will be connecting with the oldest living trees upon the earth and will gather around these wise beings in unity to celebrate their existence and assist in awakening the Planetary Tree Grid Network These ceremonies will begin to reawaken our organic tree grid inside the neurological network of our body and help to reestablish the connection between humans and Mother Nature allowing for greater connection to the 5D and 7D Nova Gaia, trees, and the elemental kingdoms. These ceremonies will also assist the Elementals to restore their ability to bilocate and communicate within their own realms and kingdoms. Through this process the trees will be linked into a planetary grid and humans will start to return to nature. ~ Learn the medicinal

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